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    1. Beijing speeds up the integration of medical insurance and realizes direct settlement of medical treatment in different places in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei next year
      Release Time: 2017-06-22 Keyword: Integration of medical insurance and medical treatment in different places

      Xu Xi, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, said in an interview yesterday that the integration of the new rural cooperative medical system (NRCMS) and urban residents' medical insurance is being accelerated to achieve the goal of unifying urban and rural residents' medical treatment by the end of next year. In addition, Xu Xi also introduced various reform measures carried out by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security in promoting stable employment of key groups, talent evaluation and distribution mechanism, and social security system.
      Integration of urban residents' medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical system
      In August this year, the medical insurance for urban residents in Beijing was integrated with the new rural cooperative medical system (NRCMS) and put under the unified management of the human resources and social security department. Before that, the new rural cooperative medical system management agency was the municipal health and Family Planning Commission. According to the requirements of the central government, after Beijing integrates the two medical insurance systems in the future, urban and rural residents will realize the "six unification" of medical insurance coverage, financing standards, security benefits, medical insurance catalogue, fixed-point management and fund management.
      Xu Xi said that the integration of the new rural cooperative medical system and urban residents' medical insurance has formed a unified medical security system integrating urban and rural areas. Beijing's work has always been ahead of the country. Before the integration, Beijing's new rural cooperative medical system (NCMS) developed relatively fast. For example, the financing standard increased from 107 yuan in 2004 to 1200 yuan in 2015. This year, the new rural cooperative medical system has established 17 categories of serious illness insurance system, effectively reducing the burden of farmers.
      Xu Xi introduced that in August this year, the new rural cooperative medical system was officially incorporated into the human resources and social security department. At present, it is being promoted according to the requirements of the state. The idea is to straighten out the management mechanism first, and then to integrate the system. Most of the work of "six unifications" has been carried out and is being stepped up. Efforts will be made to achieve the goal of unified medical treatment for urban and rural residents with social security cards by the end of next year, which also marks the completion of the integration work.
      Pilot long term care insurance in Shijingshan next year
      This year, the Ministry of human resources and social security of the people's Republic of China issued the guiding opinions on carrying out pilot projects of long-term care insurance system, and carried out pilot projects of long-term care insurance system in 15 places. Beijing is not one of the pilot projects, but Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has also carried out relevant exploration. The commercial long-term care insurance was launched in Haidian District last year. Residents over 60 years old can get a certain amount of service after paying a certain premium, and 20% - 60% of the premium will be subsidized according to the specific situation.
      This year, according to the requirements of the municipal government and the Municipal People's Congress, the municipal human resources and social security department proposed the basic ideas and institutional framework for establishing a policy based long-term care insurance system, and will start pilot work in Shijingshan District next year, Xu Xi said. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, a policy based long-term care insurance system framework in line with Beijing's reality has been formed and gradually promoted in the whole city.
      Focus 1: direct settlement of medical treatment in different places in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei next year
      Xu Xi disclosed that the medical insurance system of Yanda hospital in Yanjiao, Hebei Province, will be connected soon. By the end of this year, 400000 "Beijingers" living here can swipe their medical insurance cards to Yanda hospital for reimbursement. Previously, residents who participated in the new rural cooperative medical system and paid social security in Beijing had already been able to enjoy medical insurance services in Yanda hospital, but could not settle accounts in time. Next year, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will be able to realize direct settlement of medical treatment in different places.
      In terms of social security, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have realized the continuation of pension, medical and unemployment insurance relations. In the next step, these information systems will be further improved, and the work flow will be standardized to make the transfer of social security more smooth. "In the process of transferring from Beijing to Hebei, such as Shougang, the connection of social security will be very smooth." Xu Xi said.
      In addition, in terms of employment, the three places have achieved the sharing of College Students' employment information. The standard of human resource service is being established, and the next step is to set up labor employment windows for each other to provide assistance such as employment introduction and vocational training for workers.
      Xu Xi gave an example of cooperation between Beijing and Hebei human resources and social security departments. In Beijing's new airport, there was once a landmark that separated Beijing from Hebei. With the construction of the airport, this landmark has disappeared. In response to this need, the labor departments of Beijing and Hebei have established a "one point complaint, linkage handling" mechanism to design labor dispute issues such as the protection of employees' rights and interests, and the payment of wages. Whether it is a complaint from the Beijing or Hebei boundaries, the human resources and social security departments of the two places will handle them together.
      Focus 2: sufficient funds for medical insurance in Beijing can guarantee six-month expenditure
      Prior to this, some media reports said that China's medical insurance fund could not offset its expenditure, and the accumulated balance of medical insurance fund in some regions was less than six months' expenditure.
      "At present, all social security funds in Beijing are in balance. In 2015, the balance of pension fund for employees was 62.1 billion yuan, and that of medical insurance was 6.69 billion yuan. Moreover, the remaining funds are in the safe range of the Ministry of human resources and social security. For example, the balance of medical insurance funds is enough to cover the cost of medical insurance for six months. " Yesterday, Xu Xi explained the balance of various social security funds.
      As for the reasonable range of balance, Li Zhong, spokesman of the Ministry of human resources and social security of the people's Republic of China, once said: generally, the payment level of 6-9 months should be controlled. If it is higher than 15 months, it will be considered that the balance is too much, and if it is lower than 3 months, the balance will be insufficient.
      As for the media's worry that the introduction of new policies will cause insufficient funds, Xu Xi said: "any new security policy has its financing methods behind it. If there is expenditure, there must be its own payment and subsidy from government funds. In addition, the State Council issued the "basic endowment insurance fund investment management measures" last year, and the state began to pay attention to the maintenance and appreciation of endowment insurance through investment. Beijing has launched pilot work in this area this year. "
      Focus 3 medication will be registered in time according to the needs of patients in the community
      Since December 1, Beijing has implemented six new policies of medical insurance, promoting the implementation of the policy of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and the combination of medical and nursing care, including the expansion of primary medical care

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